VFO serves as the umbrella organization for more than 2 300 neighbourhood associations in Norway.

Our purpose is to support the voluntary work of associations at the community level in urban as well as rural areas. Our membership consists of individual clubs as well as their coordinating bodies at the municipal level. VFO does not accept commercial actors as members.

Through its web pages and its journal Velposten, VFO communicates news about community development. Additionally, VFO provides advice and services for its members regarding organizing, legal issues, and practical matters, such as the upkeep of playgrounds and club houses.

Local associations engage in community development. They give voice to their membership in municipal affairs, especially regarding urban planning. They involve individual members in caring for the environment and in a variety of social activities for all age groups.

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Norway sets up new meeting-places for open government

International work
Internationally VFO is a member of the Nordic organization for local development, HNSL (Hela Norden ska leva), and associated with the European Rural Parliament.

In recent years VFO has been an active partner in NGO projects abroad with an emphasis on advancing citizen participation at the local and national level. VFO is committed to citizen-oriented community development. Is your organization looking for a Norwegian partner? If you have a project idea within our area of expertise and access to possible funding, such as EEA grants, you are welcome to contact us by mail post@vellenesfellesorganisasjon.no or directly to

Ruth Våpenstad , International secretary, Telephone: + 47 468 92 970
Harald Koht, International coordinator, Telephone: +47 22 15 13 09